Sunday, August 22, 2004

"Power in The Darkness"

Wasn't Margaret Thatcher GREAT? A strong-minded political leader, riding roughshod over any and all opposition, destroying the unions, shoring up the forces of conservatism against us students. It was a lot of fun being a paranoid, conspiracy-theory-believing, badge-wearing, meeting-attending lefty back then. Tom Robinson was one of the standard bearers for politics-as-identity, with these great anthems of oppression and victimisation. This one is great for memories of Greenham Common, roll-ups and political correctness before it became mandatory.

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Anonymous said...

Certainly agree about TRB (see also comment on Theme from Boat Wierdos - we seem to have some tastes in common).

Remember seeing TRB in a small hall in London and Power in the Darkness was outstanding.