Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Possibly one of the very few songs out there that really, really deserves the name "epic". I'd never totally trusted David Bowie - when I first listened to Ziggy Stardust and properly understood it, I began to wonder where *he* really was in all this. Everything he wrote seemed to me too cool, too icy calm, too......remote. And then I heard this, and for a brief moment, I hoped he was being honest. Now, I'm not so worried about his honesty, just the song's. This is fantastic: the hooting synthesizer completely makes this track, and the fact that out of all that cold, electronic whirlwind he produced such a passionate vocal just slam-dunks this one.

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Cocaine Jesus said...

The "hooting Synth" that you speak of is in fact a guitar played by Robert Fripp (King Crimson) through
some kind of electronic device.
Fripp and Eno of course had worked together prevoiusly but this is probably the culmination of their efforts.
Brilliant music and all about two lovers attempting to escape from East Berlin to the West.