Friday, January 28, 2005

"He's My Best Friend"

Pure bubblegum, sure, but what bubbles!...... Jellyfish were as unlucky as any band could ever be not to make it huge. Perfect pop performers, they were the natural heirs to the Archies, the Beatles, Badfinger, Squeeze, and with lyrics that took you on a long, fun, and slighly freaky trip. "Best Friend" sounds perfectly harmless, a joyful romp through layers of harmony, and about the second or third time you listen to it, you have to reach over and hit the Pause button, and think about what you just heard. The double-entendres are so well-couched that you dig out the liner notes, just to check those lyrics. And then you realise it's a song about masturbation. "My hand's a five-leaf clover/It's Palm Sunday over and over/I never had the luck of sinners/Til I was wrapped around your finger"..... priceless.

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