Thursday, July 07, 2005

"Nothing Ever Happens"

There's a desperate ordinariness about everyday life, when the things you do fall readily into the pattern that has evolved over weeks and months of your life. The French have a saying for it: "Metro, boulot, dodo", or in English, "Subway, work, sleep", a relentless drumbeat of sameness and habitude that deadens the faces of the people whose eyes you meet on the way to work or home. Here's a song that puts that ordinariness, that quotidian routine on a large poster and hangs it on the wall for us all to look at, see ourselves reflected in its patterns, the tiny dots that, as you move backwards, resolve themselves into a photograph of our lives.
"And by five o’clock everything’s dead/And every third car is a cab/And ignorant people sleep in their beds/Like the doped white mice in the college lab", sing Del Amitri. "Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all/The needle returns to the start of the song/And we all sing along like before/Nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all".
Today, of all days, I just wish this were the case.

London, England.


Minerva said...

A perfect sum of today....

Sexylegs said...

I'm sure we all wish today was one of those nondescript, boring, regular, "nothing ever happens" sorts of days! I certainly wish it was yesterday.

Claire said...

So very true...London is a city that fights back time and time again and will continue to do so with full support from the rest of the country.

Cocaine Jesus said...

fuck 'em.
fuck 'em all.
nazis. ira. al quieda.
when they count the bodies the total deaths will probably be double the first 37. we cannot let those poor innocents, who lived in the greatest city in the world and a city that we all are free to live in, visit and wander around, have died in the pursuit of their everyday lives have their memories tarnished by the acts of used tampax's like those evil people.
they cannot beat us.
they will not beat us.
fuck 'em to hell and back.

Evil Minx said...

As ever, beautifully put Londinium.