Sunday, September 18, 2005

"Fearless Boogie"

I'm not the world's greatest fan of country music. Which probably explains why this song hasn't actually got a lot to do with Nashville. But Hank Williams III is pure country royalty, so maybe this counts for something.
This is a rapid-fire blues/country workout, a steam train at full speed. The beat's underpinned by the wheels clacking on the lines and a drum that rolls and pumps like nothing else, blues harp assaulting your ears like a really bitter slice of lemon in your drink, and guitar adding some home-cooked grit. It's totally unstoppable, the band's as tight as you like, with a deft, daft lyric to match: "They call me a Pontiac/The red in my neck/They call me a Cadillac/They call me a wreck/Now Im not afraid/And I'm not scared/Now I ain't gonna lose it/No, I'm not afeared/To do the fearless boogie." Another kitchen-hour classic.


Cocaine Jesus said...

I used to really dislike most forms of C/W. Neil Young and CSN&Y were OK but Tammy Wynette???NAH! Having said all that there has been for awhile now something that muso's refer to as 'alternative C/W whic h is damn fine. Raw and rootsy and of course good old Lamchop get pulled into that particular bag.

Sorry? What's that?
Oh yeah, your post. Never got into Hank Williams. Too twangy and cratchy. Maybe time to revisit?

PS your woed verification says twaaat. Is it trying to tell me something?

michael said...

I must be getting old because I am increasingly listening to music that wouldnt have darkened my Dansette a few years ago. I go all goose pimply in charity shops at the sight of an old Granpa Jones or Roy Rogers record. Lampchop have passed me by I'm afraid but prepared to give anything a listen these days. Its nice to catch up with all the things I sneered at as a callow youth!