Wednesday, February 09, 2005


A snapshot from the imaginary life of a Supergrass fan:

"Dad, can I borrow the car?"
"Gary, the last time you borrowed the car, you stuffed it into a hedge. The repairs cost over a thousand pounds. You said you'd pay half the bill, you'd get a weekend job, but have you done anything? No, of course you haven't."
"Aww Dad, I don't need to hear this crap again."
"Fine. Then live up to your responsibilities and pay for the damage. Then you can borrow the car. Hand me the newspaper, please."
"But I need to get up to the city on Saturday. Supergrass are playing and I promised I'd drive the boys up."
"Well, you'd better take the train: after all, you're the one who's always banging on about saving the planet and reducing greenhouse gases. Aren't those jeans toxic as well?"
"Come on Dad, the train's not cool."
"And a Ford Mondeo is, I suppose?"

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