Tuesday, February 15, 2005

"Anarchy in the UK"

I suppose you were wondering when I'd get around to punk. And yes, it's one of those safe, middle of the road choices. But hey, growing up in London and not being totally hip to what was going on in the clubs, this was pretty much my introduction to the new wave. The crashing intro, Johnny Rotten's satanic cackle, and the sudden realisation that you didn't have to sing in tune to convey an idea, that was quite a moment. I bought the album as soon as it appeared and to this day, I still get a thrill from the wall of rancid, squalling guitar, the vitriolic, knowing, cynical tone of voice, and the carefree smattering of acronyms - MPLA, UDA, IRA - which place the song firmly in time.

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