Thursday, February 10, 2005

"Uneasy Rider"

It's a crying shame that Charlie Daniels has been co-opted by the good ol' boys of the American right as some sort of cheerleader for all that is conservative and Dubya about the USA. At one point he was a fantastic musician and a nifty songwriter. Yes, he worked in a country vein, he had fiddles and yee-haws, but he had an enormous sense of humour. This is a five-minute piece of joyous doggerel skewering the redneck culture, filled to the brim with laughs. It's sort of the redneck version of "Alice's Restaurant": "Just when I thought I'd get out there with my skin/ These five big dudes come strolling in/With this one old drunk chick and some fellow with green teeth/I was almost at the door when the biggest one/Said 'You tip your hat to this lady, son'/And when I did, all that hair fell out from underneath." It's ridiculous, hilarious and Charlie Daniels should be ashamed of what he's done since.

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