Monday, March 07, 2005

"Asleep In The Desert"

One thing that annoys me from time to time is the careless dismissal of rock musicians for being merchants of sheer volume. You know the sort of thing - headbangers can't be artists because they can't play their instruments... well, whenever I do come across something that refutes that argument, I rejoice loudly (sic). And here's one that does just that. ZZTop are more or less caricatures these days, two bearded guys and a clean-shaven dude (called Beard), who like to boogie, who aren't always the epitome of political correctness, and who do have a penchant for outlandish silliness. But, every once in a while, they sit down, get serious, and remind us just how damn proficient they are. This track is a lullaby, an instrumental lament, a quiet night by the campfire; glorious, delicate guitar, soft textures and lots of space in which to ruminate.

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