Sunday, March 20, 2005

"Classical Gas"

This was a one-off hit that came out of nowhere and disappeared the same way, yet it lives on in the theme music from pretty much every sports show I've watched, half-time shows by marching bands at US colleges, and any number of friends who've learned to play the guitar. The main theme is utterly fantastic and I only wish the song lasted longer.


Cocaine Jesus said...

Yeah, I remember this track. Somebody Williams as I recall. You always felt that this would carry on into some kind of pop symphony and then it fades out.

An amazing one off. Speaking of which what about Zager and Evan's "In the year 2525"???

Captain FatNavel said...

Ahh, Zager and Evans. Yes, I have that single.
Mason Williams did Classical Gas, A minor arpeggio over E minor as I recall......