Sunday, March 13, 2005

"Overnight Sensation"

Right up there with Badfinger as the Band That Almost Made It Hugest, The Raspberries had everything: irresistible tunes, perfect harmonies, all the requisite Beatles-meet-Beach-Boys talent and inspiration. This is probably the best way to meet them; five and a minutes of just about everything the band could think of in hooks, flyaway choruses, clever production tricks. It's power pop, it's chart-friendly in a 1970s way, and it's the sort of song that should never be unearthed by some ambitious Pop Idol band that wants to showcase its talent, because they'd never come even close to the original.


Cocaine Jesus said...

Blimey mate, where did you dig these guys up from eh?
Really good article. I think I will go out and search these guys out at me local record shop. Failing that I might make a visit to a shop near The Angel (can't remember its name) that sells this kinda stuff.
There are two evening time DJ's that I listen to on the way home. One is XFM's Lauren Laverne and the other is Radio 2's (yep I listen to Radio 2) Johnny Walker. Every night at six Johnny plays a slot known as "cruising". Three songs are selected by a member of the audience for Johnny to play. Very often the slot manages to unearth some real gems.

SongsWithoutWhich is the blogger version.

Really enjoy your excellent site. Keep at it.

Londinium said...

The Raspberries' lead singer was one Eric Carmen, now of Bridget Jones fame.