Sunday, January 22, 2006

"I'm Sorry"

Here's a lesson in how to make an apology. Doesn't matter what you may have done, who you did it to, why you did it, this song covers it all: "I didn't know when I hurt you/I didn't know when you cried/I didn't know when you screamed Lord/I didn't know when you stopped to cry/I didn't know when you called/I didn't know when you hurt/I didn't know sweet Mama/I didn't know I should." See? It's all there.
And what's better, it's a song that doesn't hunker down in a dark place or a crouch in a corner of the room and rock back and forth in misery. This is a song that takes it to the streets, that makes a joyous noise unto the Lord, that kicks butt from here till next Sunday. It's got great big ladle-fulls of gospel, a rakish charm that only an Irishman would know how to conjure. It's infectious, it's irresistible.
This song puts me in mind of "Try a Little Tenderness": the same sea of humanity surging back and forth, borne on a tide of utterly unstoppable rhythm, real, honest soul-baring emotion and sheer exuberance. You cannot ignore this song. And maybe that's the best way to make an apology.

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Minerva said...

I don't know the song, but I love the review...