Friday, January 13, 2006

Shameless Plug

It's not often that we all, as individuals, hold firmly in our hands the reins of democracy.

Equally, it's even less often that when we do hold those reins, we feel the temptation to crack the whip a little and gee those horses up to gallop a little faster than they otherwise would do.

So look upon this post as an anabolic steroid in the body of democracy.

You may or may not know that SongsWithoutWhich has been nominated -- and shortlisted for -- an award at The Best of Blogs!! Yes!

So that I can add a cute little icon to this page that says "Award-Winning Content" or some such thing, I'm encouraging you to vote for this li'l ol' website in the category "Best Music Blog." Vote once a day!

I urge you to look at the other excellent nominees for the various awards on offer (at least three of which are linked from here) and see if, indeed, my site is worthy of being in their august company. You may eventually decide to vote for someone else; I'm sure I don't mind.

But I'm trusting to the inherent goodness, generosity and -- let's face it -- downright corruptibility of man in hoping you'll vote for this site.

Why? Because I need to get a life, and if I win this award, I promise to get one.


Evil Minx said...

Dearest Londinium,

I just voted, and then i came here and saw your shameless blogwhoring.

Not that i blame you.

What i came by to say was that i will be voting for you early and often, as i think your blog is outstanding. I always have, and my comments frequently reflect that.

I also came to say congratulations on your nomination. You deserve it wholeheartedly. And the very best of luck.

Massive hugs --

La Minxxxxxxx

Natsthename said...

Congratulations! I['m up against you, so I know it's a losing battle for me!!

All in fun competition, though. Perhaps I will improve, which would be a welcome outcome!

Minerva said...

Haha...Ambition has broken in...

Well, I wish you the BEST of luck ...


Deadly Female said...

Voting daily xx

Janet said...

Even if you don't get the chance to write "award winning blog" on here you can still say you were at the party, right?

Congrats on your nom!