Sunday, May 15, 2005

"Bela Lugosi's Dead"

You want mood? You want atmosphere? Right this way, sir and ma'am.... meet Pete Murphy and Bauhaus. If you ever wanted a song to perfectly convey a mood, a time, a place, even a person, this song does it all. Nine minutes plus of scraping, looping, chiming guitars, monotone vocals that rise to a howl, a gentle insistent beat; and a million and one images of shadows flitting across castle walls, candles flickering, everything those late-night Hammer Horror films strive to perfected here. "White on white translucent black capes/Back on the rack/Bela Lugosi's dead/The bats have left the bell tower/The victims have been bled/Red velvet lines the black box/Bela Lugosi's dead/Undead undead undead." This is sensational. It always was, and always will be the ultimate Goth song.

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Me said...

Beautiful, really evocative pair of entries...