Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Relationship advisors talk about "chemistry" without really offering much of a definition: is it sexual chemistry, the kind that reduces the two of you to drooling, humping canines for twelve hours of each Saturday and most weeknights as well? Or is there something more mental, emotional at work? Nobody seems to know, particularly the Pointer Sisters on this version of Bruce Springsteen's original. It's all sidelong glances, half-moves towards each other, playing coy and reserved, "but when we kiss......fire." Maybe the chemistry here is of two fairly inexperienced lovers, who still play the games of youth. "Late at night you're taking me home/You say you want to stay/I say I want to be alone/I say I don't love you/But I can't hide my desire/Cos when we kiss/Fire." Delicious, pent-up, and such great voices to drive it all home.


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Great song...but I am afraid that Bruce's version does it for me.. but then maybe that is a male/female thing?