Sunday, May 22, 2005

"Easy On My Soul"

It's a Sunday morning, the excesses of the previous night are still echoing a little in your ears, so while you're waiting for the water to boil you need a little something to calm the stomach, soothe the spirit and slowly open your senses. Something that just sits in the air, wafts a gentle breeze over your heart and starts your day slowly. So I'm recommending a song by Free, best known for "All Right Now" and other 70s rock standards. You don't understand? Listen to this! Paul Rodgers' voice is reined in to a gorgeous blues whisper, almost, the song is driven by a repeated piano arpeggio that lifts, lifts your heart, the guitars are muted -- we're thinking of your hangover, you see -- and if you close your eyes, you're seeing a vast beach at low tide, a sunrise, smooth white sand and seagulls wheeling at the water's edge. This is a song for contemplation, for a quite moment on the sofa, perhaps with your love at your side, for saying nothing. "Some say love is/Some say what is love/Some say in love is love/When you're around me/I really want to know." It's not a song to make you think, but a song to make you feel, a song to make you stretch out and revel in your freedom for just a few moments.

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