Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Seeing as how I've reached 200 songs on this blog, I thought it might be time to provoke controversy and outrage by suggesting some favourites in various categories. Not that I believe in these lists or anything, but just in case anyone's being anorak-ish about it..... Now, the categories are hotlinks to the actual entry, so try and guess in advance what it's going to be. Amuse your neighbours! Horrify your kids!

Best Torch Song.
The Best Song to Play When You're Bouncing off Walls.
The Best Guitar Intro, Ever.
Best Lullaby for Grown-Ups.
Best Pop Song, Ever.
Greatest Weepie.
The Best Closing-Time Mumbled Anthem.
Greatest Kitchen-Sink Opera.
The So Damn Infectious You'll Need a Hip-Replacement Special.
The Greatest Song Never to Make it Absolutely Huge.
The Song That Taught Me To Love the Rave.
The Song That Proved Punk's Not Dead.
The Best Prelude to Sex.
The Greatest Moment of Self-Indulgence Ever Written.
The Song that Proves The Future's Not as Bleak as We Oldies Think.
The Song That Proves R&B's Gone Terribly Wrong.
Possibly The Most Intelligent Songwriting of the Last 20 Years.
How To Be Unpleasant to an Ex.
And the Greatest Love Song

1 comment:

Trollmama said...

Best torch song - Undoubtedly.
Greatest weepie - Definitely.
Greatest kitchen-sink opera - Indubitably.

The others - I'm embarrassed to tell you I don't know most of them, but the way you write about them? I want to...