Thursday, May 19, 2005


Time for an intelligent love song. You know, one that eschews the "oh baby, I love you *that* much, now let's get intimate" and goes for something a little more robust. Extreme seem to flip between two pretty different noods; on the one hand they can be as funky and rock as you like (viz. "Get the Funk Out"), but then they can create a mood of utter tranquility that draws you in and sets your soul at rest (viz. "More Than Words"). But this one for some reason straddles the two poles. The beat reminds me a little of the Proclaimers, a steady marching that won't take no for an answer, acoustic guitars duel on top and then the lyric comes in to set you to thinking: "Life's ambition occupies my time/Priorities confuse the mind/Happiness one step behind/This inner peace I've yet to find/Rivers flow into the sea/Yet even the sea is not so full of me/If I'm not blind why can't I see/That a circle can't fit/Where a square should be." This isn't a love song, per se, but rather a song that's about waking up and realising how life can be that much better when you can express everything that's in your heart and mind: "There's a hole in my heart/That can only be filled by you/And this hole in my heart/Can't be filled with the things I do."

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