Sunday, April 10, 2005

"Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?"

"Looking like a born again/Living like a heretic/Listening to Arthur Lee records/Making all your friends feel so guilty/About their cynicism/And the rest of their generation/Not even the government are gonna stop you now/But are you ready to be heartbroken?"
Sorry? You lost me around Arthur Lee, Lloyd. And what's with "Pumped up full of vitamins/On account of all the seriousness"?
But never mind, I can forgive the slightly obscure cafe society literary thing, because the song's so damn good. And possibly because I envy Lloyd Cole's ability to whistle up a song as lovely as this over a latte in some Camden bar and grill....Delicate guitar, what sounds like an accordion that's just right for the mood, and a voice that betrays not one bit of sympathy for the victim of love, but instead just a hint of guilty pleasure, as if someone you'd been in love with from a distance for a long time had been crossed by a lover, someone who never loved them nearly as much as you do.

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