Monday, April 04, 2005

"Fall At Your Feet"

Another very sexy song, but in a completely different way to Aerosmith's Pink which I mentioned a few days ago. This is a slow-burning, intense and passionate love song, prepared to let go with hope. Crowded House seem to be a thirty-something pleasure, not "vital" enough for the kids, but when you can create a mood such as this, and write lyrics like this, there's no shame in being appreciated by a more mature audience...."The finger of blame has turned upon itself/And I'm more than willing to offer myself/Do you want my presence or need my help/Who knows where that might lead?"

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Ochemma said...

Marvellously sexy indeed... " I'm really close tonight and I feel like I'm moving inside her...."
An evocative, powerful articulation of lust turning to love? Does he dare or is he resisting the urge?