Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"The Indifference of Heaven"

"Time marches on/Time stands still/Time on my hands/Time to kill". There's something wanky and pseudish about this, you say? Hush, you're listening to a genius at work: "Blood on my hands/And my hands in the till/Down at the 7-11." As far as lyrics go, this song is perhaps as good as you'll get: "They say everything's all right/They say better days are near/They tell us these are the good times/They don't live around here/Billy and Christie don't/Bruce and Patti don't/They don't live around here." It's not a self-pity song so much as a world pity song. Things are bad all over, for you and me as well as Warren Zevon, and it doesn't hurt to sometimes point this out.

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