Monday, April 04, 2005

"Life's Been Good"

If you're Joe Walsh, life has been damn good to you. First, you're part of The James Gang, who write two classic rock songs, "Funk #49" and "Walk Away". Then you go solo and write another great, great song, "Rocky Mountain Way". If this isn't enough, you get a call from The Eagles who need a new guitarist, and your first job is to stick a nifty solo into the title track of their new album. That album's called "Hotel California". So, while you're counting the money and reaping the plaudits for one of the most recognised solos in rock history, you whistle up another solo album and hey presto! Another classic! This track is a funny, knowing look at being a rock star, nothing too introspective or self-obsessed, just good "clean" fun. You have to enjoy a guy who titles an album "The Smoker Your Drink, The Player You Get".

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