Thursday, April 28, 2005

"I Touch Myself"

There's something abandoned about this song, something of the obsessional: "I love myself/I want you to love me/When I´m feeling down/I want you above me/I search myself/I want you to find me/I forget myself/I want you to remind me." This song is half-clothed, utterly spent after an intense night of passion, carelessly caressing a cup of coffee at the kitchen table and staring blindly out the window while trying to make sense of a storm of emotions. It's all in the voice here; the song bravely tries to keep up with the lyric, but it's doomed to fail. What's sad is how the Divinyls never topped this.


Me said...

I have always felt this song to be the ideal song before a party or going out; it gets one in the mood for seduction, and lurrving... And I thought it was..I touch myself..but I am obviously wrong.

Londinium said...

oops. edited.